Programme goal

The overall development goal of the KCEP-CRAL is to contribute to the reduction of rural poverty and food insecurity of smallholders in the ASALs by developing their economic potential while improving their natural resources management capacity and resilience to climate change in an increasingly fragile ecosystem. This development goal will be pursued through two specific objectives:

  • The graduation of 150, 000 smallholder farmers (95,000 in ASALs) to commercially-oriented, climate-resilient agricultural practices through improvements in productivity, post-production management practices and market linkages for targeted value chains; and
  • The empowerment of eight County Governments and communities to sustainably and consensually manage their natural resources and to build their resilience to climate change.

Expected results of KCEP-CRAL are;

  • Smallholders’ livelihoods and food security are sustainably improved through profitable and sustainable agricultural production systems; and
  • Targeted counties/communities are empowered for sustainable NRM and are more resilient to climate change.