The Programme approach is based on a strategic partnership between the European Union and three Rome-Based Agencies (RBA), WFP, IFAD and FAO, building on their comparative advantages to support GoK in farmer graduation from food insecurity to market-oriented farming, including Good Agricultural Practices, resilience, and sustainable NRM. To operationalize the RBA partnership from joint design through Programme execution, there is a RBA Technical Coordination Group (RBA-TCG) composed of the PCU Coordinator and the FAO and WFP representatives.

The RBA-TCG is responsible for the following;

  • Plan respective contributions to the Programme AWPB in target counties to ensure planned complementarity and synergies (this contribution will be integrated in the AWPB by the PCU prior to submission to the PSC);
  • Preview and discuss Programme implementation progress;
  • Jointly plan and participate to implementation support & supervision missions;
  • Provide technical advisory support;
  • Provide updates on implementation results of relevant complementary projects to KCEP-CRAL funded by the RBAs;
  • Identify opportunities for synergies with Government and other donor-funded activities in target counties; and
  • Analyze existing gaps between the analytical, planning and programming tools of the RBAs to improve coordination mechanisms.