KALRO under the programme will undertake identification of productivity-enhancing farming technologies/technical packages, the development of extension messages and the training of trainers on the various technical packages identified for transfer to farmers in programme counties.


Equity Bank's key areas of intervention are to provide financial services including saving accounts to the e-voucher beneficiaries, establishing and implementating of the e-card and e-voucher scheme for KCEP beneficiaries, developing and managing the electronic platform for e-voucher system, enrolment of the agro-dealer to the e-voucher system and installation of the POS and training the agro-dealers on proper use and management and maintainance, provision of value chain financing products to KCEP beneficiaries and Undertaking capacity building for KCEP beneficiaries.

AGMARK key areas of intervention are promotion of agro-dealers through building their business development and technical capacities, linking them to financial institutions, and promoting the structuring of the profession through agro-dealers associations. Under the programme AGMARK implements activities related to building the capacities of agro-dealers under Cereal productivity.

The Eastern Africa Grain Council (EAGC) has been spearheading the warehouse receipt system in the greater Eastern Africa region and is considered as the leading membership organization of players in the grain industry in Kenya.

EAGC will work with specialized service providers to deliver rapid results in market linkages and other services to farmers.

Discussions are currently ongoing with National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) and Centre for Training and Integrated Research for ASAL Development (CETRAD).