KCEP-CRAL approach is adapted to the socio-economic and biophysical characteristics of the ASALs: increased frequency of drought, lower and less reliable rainfall, higher vulnerability to climate change, more fragile ecosystems, higher food insecurity and poverty levels. Focus is on

  • Consolidated total outreach of 185,000 smallholder farmers and it is expected that 80,000 smallholder farmers will be taken out of poverty sustainably.
  • A total of 140,000 smallholders’ farmers (120,000 in ASALs) will be supported through the e-voucher scheme and financial literacy training.
  • 60,000 food-insecure smallholders supported through partnership with WFP to graduate from recurring food insecurity, recurrent and climate vulnerability to a level of food security and then further to market oriented commercial farming.
  • 100,000 smallholder farmers who are already at subsistence level supported by the programme to graduate into commercial farming.
  • Women-headed households and youth given the constraints they face in accessing agricultural services and inputs.

A secondary target group namely agro-dealers, private extension services, buyers, processors, and lead farmers are also targeted.