Through EU contribution to IFAD, the MOU developed with KALRO under KCEP for the identification of productivity-enhancing farming technologies/technical packages, the development of extension messages and the training of trainers on the various technical packages identified for transfer to farmers will be expanded to KCEP-CRAL counties.

FAO will provide technical leadership in the development and implementation of the agreement with KALRO to ensure that technologies/technical packages are adapted to the agro-ecological specifies of the target areas and inclusive of GAP/CA. FAO is also committed to develop under its funding:

  • Document gender- responsive participatory processes of stakeholder validation;
  • Coordinate with KALRO adaptive research for on-farm studies on CA/GAP: weed management; CA/GAP partnership models (e.g. CA/GAP-based contract farming, contractor services models for CA equipment, commercial extension, and other services and inputs); and CA/GAP risk mitigation, adaptation mechanisms, sustainability assessments, and cost-benefit analysis of smallholder farming systems under different models.

WFP community–based agents under its PRRO will, alongside extension agents and service providers, be trained on extension messages.