The objective of the Component is to support targeted smallholders to take advantage of market opportunities through improved:

  • Harvest and post-harvest management, produce collection and aggregation; processing and value addition; and
  • Spot improvement of access roads to collection centres and markets. In addition, the component will include capacity building of farmer groups to improve organizational and business skills. Accordingly, the component is organized into two sub-components
  • Farmer organization and business management, and capacity building for improved post-harvest management practices and
  • Investments for improved market access and value addition. To guide implementation, the PCU will at the start of the programme carry out a scoping study to identify value chain stakeholders, production clusters, market access opportunities, grain handling and storage facilities, and value addition and processing gaps.
  • Strengthen farmer organization and post-harvest management.
  • Supports investments in produce aggregation and warehousing, processing and value addition, and spot improvement of access roads.